The stroke journey

This picture shows you the 5 main areas in the journey to stroke recovery. Each person’s journey is different. You may not go through all 5 areas. Click each area to learn more about it.  



Using this website will help you gain knowledge and skills to help you take charge of your health. This is called self-management.

Self-management can help you:

  • Play an active role in your health and recovery
  • Learn  about your stroke and how it has impacted you
  • Develop skills to live well
  • Improve your confidence
  • Make good choices for healthy behaviour change

This does not mean you have to do things on your own. Keep a positive outlook. With help from your family/caregivers and healthcare team, you can work towards living well after stroke.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is an important part of managing your recovery. When you set goals, it can help you focus on what is important.

How to set goals:

  1. Pick a goal that is important for upcom, so that you want to reach it
  2. Think of each step needed to reach the goal
  3. Decide when you will achieve the goal
  4. Write it down!

Try to write goals that are SMART:

  • Specific. Write down exactly what you want to achieve
  • Measurable. Decide how you will measure your progress and know when the goal is achieved
  • Attainable. List the action steps that will get you to the goal within the set time. 
  • Realistic or Relevant. Choose something that you want and are able to work towards. You must be able to do it within the set time
  • Timely. Set a target date of when you will achieve the goal.

Your goals will change over time. As you get better you can set new goals. You will be more successful if you set goals that are important to you. Don’t forget to track your progress and celebrate your successes.

You can track your progress by using the goal worksheets found here.

You will find worksheets for:

  • blood pressure 
  • cholesterol 
  • waist size
  • weight goals 
  • physical activity 
  • being smoke-free
  • tests
  • medicines
  • pill stickers
  • upcoming appointments 
  • self-reflection 
  • goals 

Learn from others living with stroke as they share their stories about how they live well, get active and get back into life.

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