Source:Created by Mrsiraphol - Freepik.com

Source:Created by Mrsiraphol - Freepik.com

Visual problems

What is it?

Changes to your vision after stroke can include double vision, partial or full loss of vision in one or both eyes, and blurred vision. 


How can it affect you?

Visual problems change the way we see the things around us and can put a person at risk for falls or injury.


Strategies for caregivers

Encourage the person to use some of the following:

  • The lighthouse strategy
  • Visual cues such as a sign on the door saying 'bathroom' to help the person find their way
  • Use visual reference points or anchors – colored tape on the edge of a table to draw vision to areas the person may not be remembering to look at

For visual field loss, encourage the person to:

  • Turn their head to the affected side
  • Place items on the affected side to increase their awareness of that space
  • Use an eye patch or prism glasses if prescribed


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