Functions of the brain

Source: Graphics by Freepik

The brain is divided into two large halves called hemispheres.  

The right hemisphere controls the left side of your body, the left hemisphere controls the right side of your body.

Left Brain (Analytical)

The left side helps us to perform tasks that have to do with logic such as in science and math.  For most people (97%) it plays a big role in communication including understanding and expressing spoken and written language.

Right Brain (Creative)

The right side helps us to perform tasks that are artistic and creative.  It controls attention to tasks, memory, perception, insight, the ability to reason, problem solve and organize things. This side of the brain helps us to understand things such as jokes, metaphors or nonverbal cues.


Areas of the brain 

Source: Henry Vandyke Carter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The brain is divided into four big areas called lobes:

1)  Frontal lobe (blue colored area)

2)  Parietal lobe (yellow colored area)

3)  Temporal lobe (green colored area)

4)  Occipital lobe  (pink colored area)


Other parts of the brain include the cerebellum (purple) and the brain stem (brown) which are located at the base of the brain.


A stroke can happen in any part of the brain.  The effects of a stroke will depend on where and how much of the brain was damaged.  Each area of the brain has a different function.  

A stroke in any of these areas may cause problems with some of the functions listed below.