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Ron's experience getting back to work

I survived my worst day (my stroke day).  I worked hard on my recovery. There were a few deficits from my stroke; short term memory loss, problems with focusing my attention, fatigue to name a few. So I needed some work and life style changes. I wanted to get back to work, to be the bread winner again.  But my job was fast-paced; there were plenty of multi-tasking, the need to make snap decisions, and being flexible to rotate shifts when needed. I couldn’t do my old job anymore.


I met with my employer with a Doctor’s note explaining my restrictions.  I had hoped my employer could work with me to find a job that would benefit us both.  I couldn’t be accommodated and ended up on long term disability. I was assigned a case manager to help me retrain for another career that fit with my restrictions and maybe with another company. I was hopeful thinking it might not be so bad: a new career, a new employer, a new chapter in my life.


Things didn’t quite work out. It was a difficult time for me. But there were things that helped me through this:

  • I reconnected and got involved with my past interests e.g. Legion, photography, writing
  • I trained with the Peers Fostering Hope Program through


Here is my advice from what I have learned in trying to go back to work:

  • Take a moment and look through your employee policy and benefit books
  • Ask questions if something doesn’t sound right, ask for an explanation.


The following websites may also help to get information about your rights when getting back to work: