Shoulder subluxation:  Occurs when the upper arm bone (humerus) becomes separated from the shoulder socket due to muscle weakness.

Spasticity:  Increase in muscle tone when muscles are constantly tight or stiff.  This can lead to pain, loss of range of motion and difficulty with function.

Statins:  Group of medications used to lower cholesterol.

Stenosis:  Narrowing of the artery due to build-up of plaque on the inside wall of an artery.

Stroke prevention clinic:  An outpatient clinic that provides stroke prevention services, including early assessment, risk factor management, education and follow up to help prevent another stroke or TIA.  

Stroke unit:  A specialized hospital unit with designated beds for stroke care.  A stroke unit consists of an interprofessional team with expertise in stroke care and processes in place to enable better outcomes for persons with stroke.