Inpatient rehabilitation


Recovery from a stroke begins right away. The goal of inpatient rehabilitation is to help me to regain as much of my independence as possible so I can return to live in the community. I may also learn ways to do things differently than before.

What will happen?

  • I will stay in a rehabilitation hospital. As I improve, I may be able to go home on weekends.
  • I will receive therapy to help me to regain my ability to move safely inside and outside of my home, take care of myself, communicate my needs and interact with others.
  • I will participate in my therapy as much as possible.
  • I may spend several hours a day in individual and/or group activities.
  • I will spend time learning new skills that will help me to recover and be more independent.
  • It is helpful to have a family or friend (if available) to support me.

Who will I see?

  • Nurses, physiatrist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, registered dietitian, recreation therapist, social worker, pharmacist, etc.

How long will I stay?

  • Soon after I have been admitted, the care team will inform me how long I will stay in the rehabilitation hospital.
  • I may be here for 1 to 7 weeks. The length of my stay will depend on my rehabilitation needs/goals.

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