What's next after rehab?



Recovery from stroke is a lifelong process.  Most people notice the biggest improvements in the first few months after stroke.  However people can continue to improve for many years.  This is because of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to form new connections after an injury such as a stroke.


There are many community programs that can help people continue to practice the skills learned in a group setting.  Fees may apply.


For speech:


For physical functioning:


Photo credit: StockSnap on  pixabay.com

Photo credit: StockSnap on pixabay.com

For social support:


Some people recover by ‘giving back’ and helping others.  There are many opportunities to get involved as a volunteer to help others who require support.

  • March of Dimes peer support groups (Peers Fostering Hope, Stroke Recovery Canada)


Some people have goals that are better addressed with one-to-one therapy, and may choose to pay for private occupational therapy, physiotherapy or speech therapy treatment.  Some people have extended health benefits that can help to cover the cost.  Check with your insurance provider.  You can find therapists who provide private therapy through the following Ontario websites.  If possible, search for a therapist who specializes in stroke or neurological conditions.


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