How to prevent falls


What can I do to prevent falls?

There are many ways to make your home safer to lower your risk of falling. 

Things you can adjust in your house include: 

Keep the floor clean and clear

Remove clutter to make extra space to move around

Remove rugs and mats or tape down the edges

Keep telephone and electrical cords out of pathways

Make sure there is enough light when you walk around at night   

Mark tripping hazards such as the edge of a step with bright colour tape

Keep items you use all the time within reach

Install handrails on stairs

Use safety equipment in the bathroom

Other things you can do to lower your risk of falls include:

  • Use walking aids recommended by your therapist
  • Wear non-slip low-heeled shoes 
  • Exercise every day to improve your mobility, strength and balance
  • Review medicines with your doctor or pharmacist.  Some drugs can make you drowsy and dizzy.


Getting a personal emergency response system may also help. These devices help you call 911 in case you fall or get hurt while alone. They are often small buttons you can wear around your neck.  Visit the Toronto Central Healthline website to find product examples.


What happens if I fall?

Sometimes, falls happen. 

Watch a video about how to be helped up after a fall:

Video Credit: Stroke 4 Carers


Where to learn more about preventing falls:

Toronto Central Healthline

Exercise and falls prevention programs