Burning, tingling or stabbing pain


What causes burning, tingling or stabbing pains after stroke?

This pain is caused by damage to the brain from a stroke. It is called central post stroke pain. This is a less common type of pain.

Some people feel this type of pain all the time. Some people have pain that comes and goes. For some people, this pain may last a very long time after stroke.

Things that make this type of pain worse include:

  • Moving around
  • Anything that touches the skin
  • Cold temperatures
  • Changes in the weather
  • Stress

How can I manage central post stroke pain?

Talk to your stroke care team if you notice this type of pain.

They can help:

  • Prescribe some medicines to help manage this type of pain
  • Refer you to special pain management programs

Special pain management programs can help:

  • Prescribe some medicines to help manage this type of pain
  • Teach you body exercises
  • Teach you mind exercises

How do I get an appointment at a special pain management program?

Ask your doctor for a referral.

Do I need to pay for these programs?

Some programs are free. Others you will need to pay for. Check before you register.

If you prefer one of the paid programs, check with your private health insurance company to see if they will pay for some of the cost.

Video credit: National Stroke Foundation


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