Brushing teeth 

hands putting toothpaste on toothbrush


Helpful tips for brushing your teeth: 

  • Use just a little water and toothpaste if you have trouble swallowing 
  • Hold your toothbrush with your weak hand, then apply toothpaste with your strong hand 
  • Use your weak arm as much as you can to help it get stronger
  • Squeeze toothpaste on your tongue first, then take it with a toothbrush 
  • Hold the toothbrush handle in your mouth then apply toothpaste 


Plan your space: 

  • Choose a sink with enough room for you to sit and stand 
  • Put your tools in a place that is easy to reach 
  • Position tools so your weak side can practice reaching


Choose helpful tools: 

  • Use an electric toothbrush 
  • Add a bigger handle to your toothbrush 
  • Use a suction toothbrush for your dentures 
  • Use denture soaks 
  • Buy toothpaste with a flip top instead of screw top