Apraxia (planning movements)

What is it?

Having trouble putting movements together even though you are physically able to and know how to do the task. 

Apraxia happens because messages from the brain to the muscles are not being sorted out properly.

Apraxia can affect how movement is planned for both sides of the body, not just the affected side.


How can it affect you?

  • You may have trouble performing simple, everyday tasks like brushing your hair or getting dressed
  • It can appear as clumsiness
  • It can also affect a person’s ability to speak


Strategies for caregivers

  • Use short and simple instructions when completing tasks
  • Break the task into simple steps.  Use the same steps every time the task is done.
  • Repeat the task to provide more practice and provide hand-over-hand guidance if necessary
  • Have family or friends demonstrate the task if you feel like you are getting stuck