Who should use this website?

This website is for individuals and their families, friends and caregivers after a stroke.    

It is normal to have a lot of questions and to feel scared or nervous about what is happening with your health or how you will manage.

Learning as much as you can about stroke and recovery will help you to:

  • Understand what has happened (the stroke and what caused it)

  • Know what to expect

  • Take your medications safely

  • Manage changes in your life

  • Improve your overall health and recovery

  • Reduce your risk of having another stroke


How can this website help me?

This website is a simple guide to daily living after stroke. 

You can explore the website to find tips on how to manage common activities and needs.  You can try different ideas and see what works for you. Using this website will help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to take charge of your health. We call this ‘self-management’.

You can use the website to:

  • See where you are doing well

  • Identify your needs and questions

  • Set goals to recover

  • Learn to live well and prevent another stroke

  • Find resources and services to meet your needs

  • Get links to worksheets so you can record important information to keep track of your progress

  • Ask your family, caregiver and healthcare team to help you


Who created this website?

This website was created by the Toronto Stroke Networks.  

  1. It is based on a self-management resource, created by the Toronto Stroke Networks, called Guide for Stroke Recovery. Click here to see the PDF copy of this resource in English, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Punjabi and Portuguese

The contents of the website have been provided by stroke care professionals and reviewed by people and caregivers living with stroke. 


This website is meant to be a helpful tool for you, your family and caregiver. It does not replace your healthcare team or the information and advice they provide. If you have any questions about your care, talk to your healthcare team. They are there to support you!

This website contains links to other websites operated by a number of different organizations.  The Toronto Stroke Networks are not responsible or liable for the content within any of these linked sites and videos. This website does not endorse any individual company.